March 18, 2011

Work work work

Thank goodness it is Friday, Work is getting so busy I think I need a vacation, Correction, I know I need a vacation!!!!
I do not work a lot of hours but with my pregnancy the way it is it is getting harder and harder to do even everyday things. A few nights ago I was having problems just to walk up the stairs to go to bed, having unstable hips and back is not the nicest thing to have and the worst thing is that there is nothing you can do about it.
Next week I only have to work four days so I hope it is not so hard as this week though the day I do not have to work is because I have my two weekly check up with the doctors and I know she is going to be mad at me as she has made it very clear that I need to slow down and me being the person I am and very stubborn I have problems listening too her, who is going to pay my bills if I am not working and having zero income?
There is always options and my online business is slowly taking off, things never go as fast as I want.

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