March 24, 2011


Wow have we been very lucky with the weather lately, I have even been walking around in short t-shirts and a skirt! the other day we were even thinking of going for a swim, only thinking though as the water was still a little to cold.
The kids have been loving the fact that they can play outside till it is time got dinner and that is if I can find them for dinner. After what seems like a winter that lasted for ever it is really nice to see the season change and the weather changing with it.
I was at my sister in laws the other day and it really nice to sit in her garden and to watch all the children playing, my three monsters and her oldest who is five they were out on the swings and on thier bikes as we were there sitting in the lovely warm sun seeing the cherry blossoms starting to bloom and the birds singing it was really lovely and I can not wait till it is every day that we can sit outside and enjoy the weather and eat out dinner outside as well. The thing I go love about living in this country is that we can see the season change unlike Australia, yes I love my country but I like it here as well.

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