March 12, 2011

Back to business

I am not sure I like the idea of things getting back to normal. School goes back next week, Carnaval is over, My man goes back to work on tuesday and I also go back to work next week.
Inbetween work I am still working hrd on getting even more customers for my business but there is will the problem of a logo designer, it has to be something that stands out and that people will remember.
I really did not think that the hardest thing about having a business would be the logo, I thought it would be the money or the products. I think it is great that there are companies out there that will design logos for you and that means it does take a lot of my plate and leaves me time to worry about other things.
I am sure it is not to long before a company gets back to me with a few ideas so all I have to do is look though a little booklet that they have made and just pick one.
I really can not wait, when I get a logo all the little things i have been holding off can go forward and there will be no stopping me at all, it will mean full steam ahead and watch out world.

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