March 12, 2011

sleep little babies

What a day!!!
Today we went to the local theme park and it was a nice suprise to see it was also pirate week! Usually I keep a close eye on what is hapening at he park but with everything going on lately I have not kept up. So I draggd the man with me and the three kids and as soon as they got inside the park we did not see them again till they were thirsty.
The kids made pirate flags, painted tiles to go on a wall in the park, they had a pirate hunt and toasted marshmellows by a camp fire, I do not know how they done it but inbetween all that they also managed to go on just about all the attractions, including the rollercoast about 10 times!
Normally the kids go to bed about 8-9pm seeing it is a weekend but tonight they all sent themselves to bed at about 7:30pm even the 11 year old could not keep her eyes open. I am so lucky I got amazing kids, wellmost of the time and it is really good to see them all getting along and playing well other then kicking and punching eachother.
I guess there is a downfall to the kids going to bed early, the chances are high they will also wake up early and my man has gone to work and will not be back till about 1am, ahh it will work out ok, i will kick him out of bed when the first kids is awake!

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