March 07, 2011

Thinking ahead

Carnaval was a total blast! I love it and with thinking ahead it cost us totally nothing, let me explain.
At the local cafe there is a money box, there is I think a total of 60 boxes, My man and I have one of these boxes and every week we put some money in it and at the start of carnaval the cafe manager gives us the money we have saved up. This year we saved so much money that my man went out drinking, partying and eating every night (5 nights long) and we have loads of money left over, loads? well enough to buy a new washing machine and drier.
My man has other thoughts on what to do with the money but there really is nough left over we can both buy our things with it. This year we are also putting money away in the money box but I have changed the rules on what we do.
The new rules are as follow, What we put in the cafe money box we also have to put aside in our savings account. All money I make on my jewellry first goes back into investing in beads, the rest go into savings.
We have come a long way from where we were last year which was in debt but through working hard and tightening our belts we have got ahead through pure blood sweat and tears and very proud of it.

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