March 30, 2011

Not a nice time

I have not talked about it on any of my blogs because it has been a hard time and when I stop blogging for some time you will know why.
My sister and brother in law are amazing people, my sister in law just turned 30 and her husband is 38, they have two great kids, the youngest is 1 and the oldest is 5, now you know who they are now comes the hardest part to tell you.
My brother in law is very ill and has not been given long to live, infact it is so bad right now that the whle family is visiting the last few days.
A young man a loving father who is always so active with his sports, his football, his bike riding, skiing, Always there when you need him and whenever you see him there are kids hanging off him, he is a child lover and the coolest uncle ever and now to see him so sick and even unable to sit up in bed, it is very hard for the kids and obviously hard for everyone,it is so hard to put into words how to explain how I feel. I am trying to stay strong for all the kids and my man but being pregnant and very emotional I am finding it somewhat hard. The coming time will be hard for us all, so again, if I am not here for a few days or more, you know where I am.


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