April 05, 2011


Only hours after my last post my brother in law passed away.
He went peacefully and in the company of his beloved wife and children, even though he was on limited time it come to soon and very suddenly and everyone is still in shock.
We are just home from the evening church service, he was loved by all they the church had people standing there was not enough room and it was by far not a smal church.
Tomorrow is the funeral for close family and friends.
It is hard to stay strong and my oldest who is 11 is supporting her brother and sister though the youngest who is 6 does not totally understand it all and the 8 year old, well he is not one to show his emotions much he was just getting a little bored sitting in the church so long though today might be a different story.
Well it is time to get myself also to bed tomorrow is going ot be a very long and emotional day one I am relly not looking forward too but it is a fact of life though I think it is not something that should happen to someone so young.
Bro your in our thoughts and I promise we will take care of your wife and kids!

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