April 06, 2011

A way to advertise

While working on a new business with my best friend we have been racking out brains out on all the different ways to advertise. We obviously want to reach as many people as we can to buy our products, we have looked into things such as news papers and advertising in magazines but that just gets to the local people, we want to reach further!
Looking into advertising on line we have discovered there is so many ways and a lot will not really work for us. There is one way that we have looked into and think it is for our business and that is ppc (pay per click)
I am not really the brains behind the business, I am the talker and seller so I am leaving all this ppc search engine marketing stuff to my business partner and just hope she can put all of the explinations to me in simple terms so I actually know what she is talking about.
It is time to expand from were we are now and it is not only keeping us busy it is really exciting trying new things in a business, well actually it is exciting trying anything new and seeing it work.
So keep an eye on this space and see where we go from here.

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