April 06, 2011

A way to advertise

While working on a new business with my best friend we have been racking out brains out on all the different ways to advertise. We obviously want to reach as many people as we can to buy our products, we have looked into things such as news papers and advertising in magazines but that just gets to the local people, we want to reach further!
Looking into advertising on line we have discovered there is so many ways and a lot will not really work for us. There is one way that we have looked into and think it is for our business and that is ppc (pay per click)
I am not really the brains behind the business, I am the talker and seller so I am leaving all this ppc search engine marketing stuff to my business partner and just hope she can put all of the explinations to me in simple terms so I actually know what she is talking about.
It is time to expand from were we are now and it is not only keeping us busy it is really exciting trying new things in a business, well actually it is exciting trying anything new and seeing it work.
So keep an eye on this space and see where we go from here.

April 05, 2011


Only hours after my last post my brother in law passed away.
He went peacefully and in the company of his beloved wife and children, even though he was on limited time it come to soon and very suddenly and everyone is still in shock.
We are just home from the evening church service, he was loved by all they the church had people standing there was not enough room and it was by far not a smal church.
Tomorrow is the funeral for close family and friends.
It is hard to stay strong and my oldest who is 11 is supporting her brother and sister though the youngest who is 6 does not totally understand it all and the 8 year old, well he is not one to show his emotions much he was just getting a little bored sitting in the church so long though today might be a different story.
Well it is time to get myself also to bed tomorrow is going ot be a very long and emotional day one I am relly not looking forward too but it is a fact of life though I think it is not something that should happen to someone so young.
Bro your in our thoughts and I promise we will take care of your wife and kids!

March 30, 2011

Not a nice time

I have not talked about it on any of my blogs because it has been a hard time and when I stop blogging for some time you will know why.
My sister and brother in law are amazing people, my sister in law just turned 30 and her husband is 38, they have two great kids, the youngest is 1 and the oldest is 5, now you know who they are now comes the hardest part to tell you.
My brother in law is very ill and has not been given long to live, infact it is so bad right now that the whle family is visiting the last few days.
A young man a loving father who is always so active with his sports, his football, his bike riding, skiing, Always there when you need him and whenever you see him there are kids hanging off him, he is a child lover and the coolest uncle ever and now to see him so sick and even unable to sit up in bed, it is very hard for the kids and obviously hard for everyone,it is so hard to put into words how to explain how I feel. I am trying to stay strong for all the kids and my man but being pregnant and very emotional I am finding it somewhat hard. The coming time will be hard for us all, so again, if I am not here for a few days or more, you know where I am.

March 24, 2011


Wow have we been very lucky with the weather lately, I have even been walking around in short t-shirts and a skirt! the other day we were even thinking of going for a swim, only thinking though as the water was still a little to cold.
The kids have been loving the fact that they can play outside till it is time got dinner and that is if I can find them for dinner. After what seems like a winter that lasted for ever it is really nice to see the season change and the weather changing with it.
I was at my sister in laws the other day and it really nice to sit in her garden and to watch all the children playing, my three monsters and her oldest who is five they were out on the swings and on thier bikes as we were there sitting in the lovely warm sun seeing the cherry blossoms starting to bloom and the birds singing it was really lovely and I can not wait till it is every day that we can sit outside and enjoy the weather and eat out dinner outside as well. The thing I go love about living in this country is that we can see the season change unlike Australia, yes I love my country but I like it here as well.

March 18, 2011

Work work work

Thank goodness it is Friday, Work is getting so busy I think I need a vacation, Correction, I know I need a vacation!!!!
I do not work a lot of hours but with my pregnancy the way it is it is getting harder and harder to do even everyday things. A few nights ago I was having problems just to walk up the stairs to go to bed, having unstable hips and back is not the nicest thing to have and the worst thing is that there is nothing you can do about it.
Next week I only have to work four days so I hope it is not so hard as this week though the day I do not have to work is because I have my two weekly check up with the doctors and I know she is going to be mad at me as she has made it very clear that I need to slow down and me being the person I am and very stubborn I have problems listening too her, who is going to pay my bills if I am not working and having zero income?
There is always options and my online business is slowly taking off, things never go as fast as I want.

March 12, 2011

Back to business

I am not sure I like the idea of things getting back to normal. School goes back next week, Carnaval is over, My man goes back to work on tuesday and I also go back to work next week.
Inbetween work I am still working hrd on getting even more customers for my business but there is will the problem of a logo designer, it has to be something that stands out and that people will remember.
I really did not think that the hardest thing about having a business would be the logo, I thought it would be the money or the products. I think it is great that there are companies out there that will design logos for you and that means it does take a lot of my plate and leaves me time to worry about other things.
I am sure it is not to long before a company gets back to me with a few ideas so all I have to do is look though a little booklet that they have made and just pick one.
I really can not wait, when I get a logo all the little things i have been holding off can go forward and there will be no stopping me at all, it will mean full steam ahead and watch out world.

sleep little babies

What a day!!!
Today we went to the local theme park and it was a nice suprise to see it was also pirate week! Usually I keep a close eye on what is hapening at he park but with everything going on lately I have not kept up. So I draggd the man with me and the three kids and as soon as they got inside the park we did not see them again till they were thirsty.
The kids made pirate flags, painted tiles to go on a wall in the park, they had a pirate hunt and toasted marshmellows by a camp fire, I do not know how they done it but inbetween all that they also managed to go on just about all the attractions, including the rollercoast about 10 times!
Normally the kids go to bed about 8-9pm seeing it is a weekend but tonight they all sent themselves to bed at about 7:30pm even the 11 year old could not keep her eyes open. I am so lucky I got amazing kids, wellmost of the time and it is really good to see them all getting along and playing well other then kicking and punching eachother.
I guess there is a downfall to the kids going to bed early, the chances are high they will also wake up early and my man has gone to work and will not be back till about 1am, ahh it will work out ok, i will kick him out of bed when the first kids is awake!